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A Leap Forward for Millennials. Changing the Future of Healthcare in Europe is a study meant to show the national and European approach of Romanians towards healthcare. The study is available since the 22nd of February 2017.

– Increasing the quality of healthcare and combating the gaps in quality/standards between development regions and putting an end to the migration of medical personnel:
• While the future of the healthcare services and the healthcare policies have been a matter of debate and a consistent focus of public political debates, the European framework remains to a large extent different than the national outline of policies towards the healthcare service. Moreover, different political systems place different emphasis on different issues with which the healthcare systems is confronted.
• The study aims to see whether the future of the healthcare systems is an issue of interest for the younger generation and to what extent the political participation in politics of the younger generation of Europeans is motivated by the dynamics of the healthcare system. In addition to that, the study aims to see whether society at large is aware of the gaps in terms of service quality and efficiency within the healthcare services and to what extent this issue is deserving of greater political interest.
• A different emphasis is placed on an analysis of the European and national institutional framework, in order to establish whether inequality in terms of service quality and efficiency between different regions or European spaces is influenced by national or European frameworks: the most prominent example is that of the migration of medical personnel. Within the context of the free movement of employers, poorer European countries run the risk of preparing the medical personnel of richer countries, running the costs of training the specialist and facing a manpower crisis is hospitals and medical institutions.

The full study is available here:

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